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Bringing crafted artisanal products for your culinary enjoyment

Established in 2006, Pinnacle Gastro is a leading importer of premium beverages in the kingdom. We cobbled together beverage categories under 2 umbrellas: hot beverages and refreshment beverages. Under our hot beverages, we specialize in Orthodox loose teas sourced locally and from the finest tea gardens of the world, we equally place the deserving attention to selecting local and international Arabica coffee beans for our discerning customers and consumers. Under our hot beverages, Pinnacle Gastro prides itself in providing a balanced portfolio of professional coffee machines with efficient technical support and services. In our refreshment beverages, we work with Perrier and Evian mineral waters plus premium Scottish mineral water brands. On top of mineral waters, we are delighted to sparkle the cafes, bars, restaurants and homes with Fentimans botanically brewed mixers, tonic waters and soft drinks.

Pinnacle Gastro places the needs and requirements of its customers foremost. In meeting the expectations of its customers in today's ever changing environment, Pinnacle Gastro strives to be efficient, expedient and responsive. Currently, Pinnacle Gastro enjoys working with over 100 establishments across different provinces in Thailand with offices in main tourist centers. It is the company's hope that you will become a part of the company's journey and continue to grow collectively

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